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The following case studies from Juliet’s clients will provide reassurance that seeking expert fertility awareness advice does help.  All names have been changed.

Jackie and Steven were already grandparents to their older daughters children but knew that their younger daughter and husband were desperate to start their own family.  As an old friend of Juliet's, Steven got in touch and in the course of a catch up chat it became apparent to Juliet that there was a lot of sadness going on and the whole story came out.  Juliet suggested that their daughter got in touch whenever she felt ready but also explained that everything had to be completely confidential if she did.  Eventually an email arrived and Juliet and Emily started to correspond.  Emily started to chart her ovulatory cycle using the Billings Ovulation Method.  Within two cycles Emily announced she was pregnant and at the end of 2013 a little baby girl was born.  Everyone was absolutely thrilled and Juliet was also very relieved as there is always added pressure when helping old friends! 

Maggie and James already had one litle girl and had been trying for another child for a while.  Maggie was in her early forties and became pregnant again but then sadly miscarried early on.  She came to see Juliet and a full consultation showed some issues with nutrition (although she thought they both ate healthily) but also the fact that they both loved really hot baths and were having intercourse on a very regular basis.  Maggie was shown how to chart her cervical mucus secretions but was also advised that both of them must stop their hot baths and showers and also practice better quality sex rather than their usual 'quickies'.  Although she became pregnant soon after she miscarried at 13 weeks.  However within a few months she was pregnant again and this time carried full term and another beautiful little girl was born.

Catherine had been trying for nearly two years for a baby and due to her polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) it had been suggested to her and her husband that they should try IVF.  She was desperate to avoid this if at all possible but her periods were incredibly irregular - anywhere between 39 and 89 days and with no way of knowing how short or long each cycle would be.  Juliet taught her the Billings Ovulation method so that she could see when she was ovulating.  When Catherine came back for a check of her chart the first good news was that she had fertile mucus present for two days each cycle.  Juliet also recommended dietary changes for the PCOS.  The second good news is she is now pregnant with their baby due at the end of this year.  PS a baby boy was born.

Caroline and her partner Tom had been trying on and off over nine years to conceive again following the birth of their first child.  They came to see Juliet who instructed them on how to know when Caroline was ovulating.  But Juliet also advised that in view of their smoking habit and their poor diet especially their high caffeine intake they would be better to wait a few months before trying to conceive whilst they cut down on their caffeine consumption, improved their nutrition levels and tried to stop or at the very least cut down on their smoking.  This they did and Caroline is now expecting a further child.

Hilary age 40 has got one child and was expecting another but sadly miscarried at seven weeks.  She came to see Juliet as she wanted to try again but also wanted to try and minimise all risks of a further miscarriage.  Hilary was taught the Billings Ovulation Method and also advised to improve her nutrition levels particularly the amount of protein she was having each day as it wasn’t enough.  Reviews of her ovulatory charts showed that whilst her cervical mucus clearly showed fertile signs the luteal phase after she ovulated was not long enough to support a pregnancy hence she would be likely to miscarry again.  Juliet advised that she also start a course of acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  After three months her ovulatory cycle was looking much healthier and she and her husband recently announced she was 12 weeks pregnant!  News - a little boy was born.   

Penny, 36 became pregnant naturally after a few years of trying to conceive through IVF.  Then tragedy struck as she developed pre-eclampsia during her pregnancy.  Her baby son was born via emergency caesarean section at 30 weeks but died a few days later.  Penny was put in touch with Juliet through the counsellor she was seeing.  In her words “I don’t think there is anything you can do, I’m at the end of the line but I thought I would get in touch to see what you say”.  Penny, who had also been told she had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, was already receiving acupuncture and Chinese herbs but was thinking of giving everything up as the stress was proving so great.  After the consultation Penny was encouraged to continue with the acupuncture, the Chinese herbs and also, very importantly, her counselling.  She is now eight months pregnant and we’ll let you know what she has (A baby girl was born).

Andrew and Rose had been trying to conceive for a few years naturally before they were recommended to come and see Juliet.  Their next step was IVF and Andrew was keen to push ahead with this but Rose was more reluctant.  Apart from changes that needed to be made to their diet another huge area was their lifestyle.  They had their own business and Rose was travelling far too much.  Although her ovulatory charts appeared to be relatively normal Juliet explained that, just as with the animal kingdom, in times of extreme stress the reproductive system says to itself 'now is not a good time to get pregnant'.  And its very unlikely that a pregnancy would occur or be sustained under these conditions.  Eventually they went for IVF but this failed and when Juliet next saw Rose the choice was stark; job or pregnancy.  The job was put on hold and after the next IVF Rose announced she was pregnant - a wonderful Christmas present is coming their way!


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