Fertility Concerns

Consultation Service

The 2 hour initial consultation offers a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of all aspects of fertility including dietary intake, weight and fitness checks, stress level checks, other health factors including immune system indicators and, where appropriate, a teaching of the basic principles of fertility awareness using the Billings Ovulation Method or sympto-thermal method (http://www.fertilityuk.org/).

Recognised by the World Health Organisation the Billings Ovulation Method enables women to determine when they are fertile or infertile through observing the characteristics of their cervical mucus.  The sympto-themal method uses both cervical mucus and temperature monitoring.

A free follow-up session to check that you understand and feel confident using the Billings Ovulation Method or sympto-thermal method is included in the cost of the Initial Consultation fee.   

Your final consultation provides you with your personalised Fertility Concerns Action Plan.   This is an indispensable guide to help you increase your chance of conception and promote a healthy pregnancy.  It may also include advice on using other health related services such as acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine or seeing a nutritionist.  Subsequent consultations may be required to complete the Fertility Concerns Action Plan

Making an appointment is easy, just phone or email to arrange a time that suits you. 

 Initial Consultation   £105.00

 Subsequent Consultations  

 Ovulation charting only (3 sessions)


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