Juliet offered professional and friendly advice in a safe and supportive environment. That advice helped us to focus on our options as a couple, address any changes we needed to make in our lifestyle, and access any additional support required. Once we had successfully conceived, Juliet continued to make helpful suggestions which helped me stay healthy and positive throughout my pregnancy. We are due our first baby in a few weeks after an 8 year wait.

Juliet is a relaxed and reassuring guide to all the -sometimes bewildering- options open to couples trying to conceive. She has a wealth of experience, which combined with her firsthand knowledge of allied practitioners (acupuncture, nutrition etc) is a great help in pointing you in the right direction. Her calm and professional manner is a great comfort. She is a very human presence when it can all feel just too high tech.

Juliet le Page at Fertility Concerns has been amazingly supportive in our efforts to tackle our problems with having a baby. At our first meeting she taught us a great deal about how to chart my monthly cycle and gave us lots of tips and helpful advice. Since then, she has been a great support and has guided me towards tackling areas such as stress and nutrition all of which have helped me become more fertile. I highly recommend Juliet for anyone having problems with conception.

I first met Juliet at the end of 2009 after she had been recommended to me by my reflexologist Georgie McCulloch. I have suffered from Polycystic ovarian syndrome for many years and was finding it very hard to conceive as I have a very irregular cycle. Juliet recommended that I try using the Billing ovulation method so I could work out when I was fertile. Juliet taught me how to work out when my fertile days were during my cycle to give us a better chance of conceiving. I found Juliet’s wealth of advice invaluable and it resulted in me finding out in February that I was pregnant. I would recommend to anyone having trouble conceiving to go and see Juliet as she can give you so much advice and point you in the right direction that suits you.

Billings Ovulation Method is an easy method to follow without interrupting your life and the use of ‘tools’ or medication. I would recommend it to anyone trying for a baby.

Thanks so much Juliet for all your help and advice, I have really found this so useful, really constructive and very supportive. You are so knowledgeable and have a great grasp of the relevant experts to help along the way such as Philippa the nutritionist and Sarah the acupuncturist. Thanks for all your help

We are truly grateful to Juliet for all her help and support during our fertility treatment both in the UK and at the Instituto Marques in Barcelona. She put us in touch with many useful contacts and suggested sources of information and support that we probably would never have encountered had we not contacted Fertility Concerns.
M & M R

Infertility is very stressful. Juliet’s sympathetic manner was reassuring and her knowledge and resources very helpful. I would thoroughly recommend her services.

My husband and I first met Juliet when when seeking advice on maintaining a healthy pregnancy after 2 early miscarriages.  The advice we were given on lifestyle and nutrition really made a difference. She provided many helpful suggestions and was very informative.  She kept in touch throughout my pregnancy, answering any questions or offering advice etc.  I had a healthy baby boy and am now pregnant again.  Juliet has again provided me with information and I know should I have any issues I could contact her for some advice.

When I came do visit Juliet I was at a very low point having suffered another miscarriage, this time through IVF.  The support and advice she gave me has been overwhelming and very consistent.  She took me back to the very basics, making me think about e.g. billings ovulation, diet and lifestyle for both myself and my husband.  I feel she is never far away for friendly advice and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone struggling with any fertility issues.

We came to see Juliet after having problems conceiving our second child, including a couple of early miscarriages.  Juliet's advice was very straightforward and easy to follow, and took a lot of the stress out of trying to conceive.  I met with the nutritionist recommended by Juliet , and had regular acupuncture sessions, both of which I feel contributed towards achieving a more balanced state of body and mind.  Our second little boy was conceived a few months after we first met Juliet, and has just arrived safe and well.  We are very grateful.

We went to see Juliet for some advice about how we could increase our chances of conceiving successfully. Juliet talked to me about using the Billings method of charting, gave us information about diet and lifestyle as well as suggesting an appointment with the doctor to get things checked out. Thank you Juliet for your help and support, we now have a beautiful son.


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